My Artwork Eligible for 2020 Awards

Welcome to a selected portfolio about professional Art published in 2019! All these artwork are eligible for the 2020 Awards season… thanks for your consideration! (For the Credits, please read the captions under each image)


HARDBACK COVER – ‘Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight’ • Cover Illustration for a story collection by Aliette de Bodard • Client: Subterranean Press • September 2019 • Art Director: Yanni Kuznia • Media: Digital. (Art © 2019 Maurizio Manzieri.)


MAGAZINE COVER – ‘Waterlines’ • Cover Illustration for a novella by Suzanne Palmer  • Client: Asimovs’s SF Magazine/Penny Publications • July/August 2019 • Art Director: Victoria Green • Media: Digital. (Art © 2019 Maurizio Manzieri.)


PRODUCT COVER – ‘Helvetia’ • POSTER illustration for ZURICH GAME SHOW 2019. 3rd Edition • Client: Amazing Event AG • Art Directors: Martin Schörno/Flo Birrer • September 2019 • Media: Digital. (Art © 2019 Maurizio Manzieri.)


PRODUCT COVER – POSTER illustration for CARTOONS ON THE BAY 2019. 23rd Edition • Client: Rai Com • Art Director: Roberto Genovesi • April 2019 • Media: Digital. (Art by Maurizio Manzieri, Design by Designem – © Rai Com )


HARDBACK COVER  – ‘Il Re Scorpione (The Scorpion King)’ • Cover Illustration for a novel by Valery Esperian  • Client: Gruppo Editoriale Fanucci, Italy • (Art © 2019 Maurizio Manzieri.)


PAPERBACK COVER  – ‘The Arrow Rune • Wraparound Cover Illustration for a novel  by Dean Whitlock  • Client: Boatman Press• (Art © 2019 Maurizio Manzieri.)

My Artwork Eligible for 2018 Awards

Godspeed to everybody! Here is a selected portfolio about Art published/produced in 2017… enjoy the visit!


Cover Art for ASIMOV’S SF #JAN/FEB 2017 inspired to the story “Crimson Birds of Small Miracles” by Sean Monaghan.


“Starlight Express” by Michael Swanwick (USA, F&SF, Sep/Oct 2017)


“The Prognosticant” by Matthew Hughes (USA, F&SF, May/Jun 2017)


“Finn’s Clock” by Dean Whitlock, Boatman Press


Concept Art for “The Tea Master and The Detective” by Aliette de Bodard (Unpublished)


Studio for “Crimson Birds by Small Miracles” by Sean Monaghan (Unpublished)


“Child on Dragon”, Christmas Card 2017


Illustration/Wallpaper: “Laniakea: The Absolute Colony” (crowdfunded project, 2017)

2017 Christmas Card

The illustration “Child on Dragon” realized before Christmas as a greeting card for my clients. Unpublished, 2017.


Ckick for a larger version



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The Tea Master and the Detective by Aliette de Bodard

Here is The Tea Master and the Detective, my latest illustration for Subterranean Press (link) inspired to a Xuya-Universe-novella by the formidable Aliette de Bodard, coming out as a deluxe Limited Edition on March 2018! (Note: the artwork was created in 2017).


The final illustration selected as the front cover


The Cover Design


Alternative Cover Art

Artwork selected for IBA 6

WOW! Thrilled to find out that my illustration STARLIGHT EXPRESS (cover art for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sep/Oct 2017) has been selected for Infected by Art‘s Volume #6! Thanks to the author: Michael Swanwick, publisher: Gordon Van Gelder, editor: Charles Coleman Finlay). I’ve been winning a placement in this series since Volume #2…this should mean something, shouldn’t it? You can find the illustration in the Website Portfolio or in my Artstation Page.

Screenshot-2018-1-19 Contest Entries for Infected By Art Book - Volume 6 by Maurizio Manzieri

Manzieri Cover Story 2 | Pictures from an Expedition

This illustration inspired to the story “Pictures from an Expedition” by Alexander C. Irvine was originally published as a cover art for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (September 2003). The subsequent year the artwork gained a full page in the annual SPECTRUM (11), the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. You find here the original b&w sketch that I sent to the publisher Gordon Van Gelder (together with other proposals and a few notes about details inside the pic and alternative versions).


Below there are the finish for the magazine and the final version with the cover design. Now everything happens via web, but at that time I was used to send a CD-ROM including the image. Everything in the shipment was personalized with the CD-ROM displaying a printed round color label glued to the surface. The story described the first expedition to Mars with an anchorwoman accompanying the NASA crew for some reality show in space, going nuts and trying to sabotage the mission.


Link to the Portfolio Page in this website here


In 2004 the Australian magazine DESIGN GRAPHICS dedicated a issue to Yours Truly, with my astronaut on the front cover plus an extended Portfolio and interview inside:


In 2007 the Italian magazine DELOS edited by Silvio Sosio (Delos Books) celebrated its 100th issue and on the occasion I was asked to create a landscape version of the illustration! Here is the result:


Main links in the article:

Delos 100
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Alexander C. Irvine

Manzieri Cover Story 1 | Paradises Lost

I’ve been often thinking that I should realize a series of illustrations featuring angels! What do you think? I love this topic linking astronauts to angels and I’ve seen artists I love producing similar strong images (Jeremy Geddes, just for an example)… This has been one of my most acclaimed covers: PARADISES LOST (2013), originally inspired to a wonderful novella by URSULA K. LE GUIN, included in her story collection THE BIRTHDAY OF THE WORLD. The novella explores the isolation brought on by space travel, as well as themes of religion and utopia and got soon its own standalone edition in several languages. You can read more at the following link in order to better understand my stylistic choices: The illustration was included in both the prestigious annuals SPECTRUM, the Best in Fantastic Contemporary Art, and INFECTED BY ART. It won the ASIMOV’S READERS’ AWARD (Best Cover Artist) and was selected as BEST DIGITAL ARTWORK IN THE SHOW at the 72nd WorldCon in London (2014).


Everthing started in 2013. Delos Books publisher Silvio Sosio called me with a cover gig for Ursula K. Le Guin, the first Italian edition of Paradises Lost (PARADISI PERDUTI) to be included in the Odissea series. WOW! I accepted immediately and the result is history… the writer published the news in her official website on January 27, 2013 (News Archives 2009-2014). The illustration took about a week of work from the pencil scratch on a restaurant napkin to the finish.


After the initial publication the illustration began to live its autonomous life and was optioned by Penny Publications for ASIMOV’S Science Fiction magazine as a cover art for their June 2014 issue (Art Director Victoria Green). Thanks to this artwork, unrelated to any story in that issue, I won the 2014 Readers’ Award as BEST 2014 COVER ARTIST! Still jumping thinking about this achievement… I’ve been loving the magazine since I was an undergraduate…


Asimov's Award

Another client falling in love with the illustration was Gardner Dozois, who selected my winged astronaut as a cover art for the prestigious thirty-second annual collection THE YEAR’S BEST SCIENCE FICTION and put me in touch with Macmillan for the transaction.


At that time I was a panelist at the 72nd WorldCon in London and while I was talking with my contact Ben Crystal at the publishing house… the illustration won the Award as Best Digital Artwork in the Show!


In December 2015 my Angel became a cover for “I LIKE 3D“, an interactive magazine published by the Italian iMasterArt Academy. The issue, edited by Simona Rossi and the fellow artist Joseph Eon Viglioglia, was dedicated my body of work and included the making-in-progress of the illustration and an extended interview! You can browse the issue in my Youtube Channel!


Main links in the article:

Asimov’s SF magazine
Delos Books
Ursula K. Le Guin
iMasterArt Academy
Youtube Channel: I LIKE 3D

“Starlight Express” by Michael Swanwick (F&SF, Sep/Oct 2017)

This was one of the best commissions to date! Fantasy & Science Fiction contacted me saying: “We have a story that seems like it’s meant for a Maurizio Manzieri cover!”: I accepted immediately of course and here you can see the result for the lovely story “Starlight Express” by Michael Swanwick. The author dedicated an entry of his blog to the artwork:



2017 Fantasy Basel Guest of Honor!

I’m Guest of Honor for Fantasy Basel 2017, the Swiss Comic Con! You find me in Halle 2.2, Stand #568. Do not miss my panel on April 30, at 12pm, Podium 1, Messe Basel, titled: “Recipes for the Creation of a Fantastic Universe”.FantasyBasel2017_splash_website

My Artwork Eligible for 2017 Awards

Hi dear friends,

another year spent with the Art in the Heart! Here we go with my annual parade of eligible illustrations for competitions and 2017 international Awards (finished or published in 2016)! Take a glance to all the covers and posters, then sliding down you’ll find the images without the design… Enjoy!


1) Cover Art for ASIMOV’S SF #JULY 2016 (selected in a different version for the volume INFECTED BY ART #4). Link


2) Cover Art for ASIMOV’S SF #JAN/FEB 2017 inspired to the story “Crimson Birds of Small Miracles” by Sean Monaghan (published in December 2016). Link


3) Cover Art for ANALOG SCIENCE & FACT #JANUARY 2016 (originally inspired to the story “Five Thrillers” by Robert Reed). Link


4) Cover art for The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction #8 edited by Allan Kaster (INFINIVOX/AudioText, 2016). Illustration Title: “Alien Outpost”. Link


5) Official Poster for the Swiss Comic Con FANTASY BASEL 2016. Link


6) “The Sassari Spaceport”
Official Poster for the Italian Convention SARDINIACON 2016. Link
Selected for inclusion in the volume INFECTED BY ART #5


7) Official Poster for the Italian Convention STRANIMONDI 2016. Link


8) Illustration inspired to the literary saga MONDO9 by the writer Dario Tonani (unpublished)


9) Cover Art for FIREBOY by Dean Whitlock. Illustration and Design by Maurizio Manzieri. (Boatman Press, ebook). Link


10) Cover art for ALBATROSS by R.A.MacAvoy (ebook). Illustration and design by Maurizio Manzieri.


New Print on Sale: “Alpha and Omega” by Patricia Briggs

If you are followers of this blog, you are the first ones to know! A new coveted print “Alpha and Omega” by Patricia Briggs (published in 2009 by Subterranean Press in Usa and in 2010 by Bragelonne in France) has been made available at my INPRNT SHOP. They are all gallery-quality giclée art prints on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks. Click on the illustration to reach the shop:



My Artwork Eligible for 2016 Awards


here is my annual post with selected eligible illustrations for the 2016 international Awards!

1) Cover Art for “The Citadel of Weeping Pearls” By Aliette de Bodard – ASIMOV’S SF #Oct/Nov 2015 (It’s currently an Asimov’s Readers’ Awards Nominee)


2) Cover Art for “The Year’s Best Science Fiction Thirty-Second Annual Collection” edited by Gardner Dozois (July 2015, Macmillan)


3) Cover Art “Atoning” by Kelley Armstrong (2015, ebook by Subterranean Press)



4) Cover Art for “Darkest Power Tales” by Kelley Armstrong (2015, ebook by Subterranean Press)


5) “Bar Lounge” – Image selected for inclusion in INFECTED BY ART #4


6) Institutional image – 2015 Character Studio of “Alice” for the Official Poster of 2016 Fantasy Basel, the Swiss Comic Con


Some cover disegns about the above illustrations:



My Artwork Eligible for 2015 Awards

Here is a selected List of 2014 eligible artwork for 2015 Awards

Category EBOOK/AUDIOBOOK: “The Year’s Top Short SF Novels 4″, edited by Allan Kaster (Audiobook/e-book by Infinivox/AudioText, November 2014, USA). Link: Amazon


Original Illustration titled: “The Monster with No Name”. Medium: Digital. Artwork selected for “Infected by Art” Vol. 3


“The Year’s Top Short SF Novels 4″ – ebook version


“The Year’s Top Short SF Novels 4″ – audiobook version


Category: MAGAZINE: Cover Art for Asimov’s SF Magazine (June 2014)


Artwork Selected for SPECTRUM 20, Underwood Books, and INFECTED BY ART Vol. 2 / “Paradises Lost” (Paradisi Perduti) by Ursula K. Le Guin, Delos Books, Italy, 2013


Category: MAGAZINE: Cover Art for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (July/August 2014)


Original Illustration inspired to the story: “Palm Strike’s Last Case” by Charlie Jane Anders. Medium: digital


“Palm Strike’s Last Case” by Charlie Jane Anders (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jul/Aug 2014)

Category: MAGAZINE/ADVERTISING: Magazine of Digital Art “Imagine FX”, Italian Edition / Official Poster for the Festival Lucca Comics & Games 2014


Official Poster for the Festival Lucca Comics & Games 2014: “When a UFO landed in Lucca”


ImagineFX by Wyrd Edizioni (Italian Edition), magazine of Digital Art


COVER ILLUSTRATION: “The Man Who Loved Kites” by Dean Whitlock. (Boatman Press LLC, 2014). Ebook: Amazon



Original Illustration inspired to the story “The Man Who Loved Kites” by Dean Whitlock.


“The Man Who Loved Kites” by Dean Whitlock (Boatman Press LLC, 2014)


My Angel meets Macmillan

Very honored to grace the next Gardner Dozois’ anthology: “The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Second Annual Collection”, coming out in July 2015 (Martin’s Press, USA)