My Artwork Eligible for 2017 Awards

Hi dear friends,

another year spent with the Art in the Heart! Here we go with my annual parade of eligible illustrations for competitions and 2017 international Awards (finished or published in 2016)! Take a glance to all the covers and posters, then sliding down you’ll find the images without the design… Enjoy!


1) Cover Art for ASIMOV’S SF #JULY 2016 (selected in a different version for the volume INFECTED BY ART #4). Link


2) Cover Art for ASIMOV’S SF #JAN/FEB 2017 inspired to the story “Crimson Birds of Small Miracles” by Sean Monaghan (published in December 2016). Link


3) Cover Art for ANALOG SCIENCE & FACT #JANUARY 2016 (originally inspired to the story “Five Thrillers” by Robert Reed). Link


4) Cover art for The Year’s Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction #8 edited by Allan Kaster (INFINIVOX/AudioText, 2016). Illustration Title: “Alien Outpost”. Link


5) Official Poster for the Swiss Comic Con FANTASY BASEL 2016. Link


6) “The Sassari Spaceport”
Official Poster for the Italian Convention SARDINIACON 2016. Link
Selected for inclusion in the volume INFECTED BY ART #5


7) Official Poster for the Italian Convention STRANIMONDI 2016. Link


8) Illustration inspired to the literary saga MONDO9 by the writer Dario Tonani (unpublished)


9) Cover Art for FIREBOY by Dean Whitlock. Illustration and Design by Maurizio Manzieri. (Boatman Press, ebook). Link


10) Cover art for ALBATROSS by R.A.MacAvoy (ebook). Illustration and design by Maurizio Manzieri.


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