Maurizio Manzieri is a science fiction and fantasy illustrator dreaming his Universes in a small oasis in the heart of Turin, Italy. His artwork has been showcased in exhibits all around the world and included in many annuals, such as Spectrum, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art and Infected by Art.

bio_07_2_picHONORS AND AWARDS:

1998 Tangent Online Award Winner
2000 Italia Award Winner
2002 Italia Award Winner
2003 Europe Award Winner
2003 Chesley Award Winner
2004 Chesley Award Nominee
2008 Chesley Award Nominee
2009 Chesley Award Nominee
2013 CGSociety Featured Portfolio
2014 Chesley Award Nominee
2014 WorldCon ‘Best in Show’ Award
2014 Asimov’s Readers’ Awardcapannori_400x397
2015 Asimov’s Readers’ Award
2016 Chesley Award Nominee
2019 Chesley Award Nominee
2019 Asimov’s Readers’ Award
2021 European Grandmaster Award
2021 Hugo Award Nominee

Spectrum Alumnus: #6, #11, #20
Infected by Art Alumnus: #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9

2013 GoH, Lucca Comics & Games (Italy)
2014 Visual Creator, Lucca Comics & Games (Italy)
2015 GoH. Lucca Comics & Games (Italy)
2015 GoH, Catania AetnaCon (Italy)
2015 GoH, Palermo Comic Con (Italy)
2015 GoH, Fantasy Basel (Switzerland)
2016 Visual Creator, Fantasy Basel (Switzerland)
2016 Visual Creator, SardiniaCon (Italy)
2016 Visual Creator, Stranimondi (Italy)
2017 GoH, Fantasy Basel (Switzerland)
2018 GoH, Fantasy Basel (Switzerland)IMG_0261
2018 Visual Creator, Zurich Game Show (Switzerland)
2019 GoH, Fantasy Basel (Switzerland)
2019 Visual Creator, Zurich Game Show (Switzerland)
2021 GoH, EuroCon (Italy)


Bragelonne (F)
Dario Flaccovio Editore (IT)
Delos Books (IT)
Editrice Nord (IT)
Elara Libri (IT)
Gruppo Fanucci Editore (IT)
Gruppo L’Espresso (IT)
Gruppo Rizzoli (IT)
ImagineFX (UK)
Infinivox/AudioText (USA)
Interzone (UK)
Macmillan (USA)
Mondadori Libri SpA (IT)
Penny Publications (USA)
¬†Asimov’s SF
 Analog Science & Facts
Prime Books (USA)
Putnam/Berkley (USA)
Pyr (USA)
Subterranean Press (USA)
The Magazine of F&SF (USA)
Virtual Views (IT)
Vittorio Pavesio (IT)

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