My Artwork Eligible for 2020 Awards

Welcome to a selected portfolio about professional Art published in 2019! All these artwork are eligible for the 2020 Awards season… thanks for your consideration! (For the Credits, please read the captions under each image)


HARDBACK COVER – ‘Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight’ • Cover Illustration for a story collection by Aliette de Bodard • Client: Subterranean Press • September 2019 • Art Director: Yanni Kuznia • Media: Digital. (Art © 2019 Maurizio Manzieri.)


MAGAZINE COVER – ‘Waterlines’ • Cover Illustration for a novella by Suzanne Palmer  • Client: Asimovs’s SF Magazine/Penny Publications • July/August 2019 • Art Director: Victoria Green • Media: Digital. (Art © 2019 Maurizio Manzieri.)


PRODUCT COVER – ‘Helvetia’ • POSTER illustration for ZURICH GAME SHOW 2019. 3rd Edition • Client: Amazing Event AG • Art Directors: Martin Schörno/Flo Birrer • September 2019 • Media: Digital. (Art © 2019 Maurizio Manzieri.)


PRODUCT COVER – POSTER illustration for CARTOONS ON THE BAY 2019. 23rd Edition • Client: Rai Com • Art Director: Roberto Genovesi • April 2019 • Media: Digital. (Art by Maurizio Manzieri, Design by Designem – © Rai Com )


HARDBACK COVER  – ‘Il Re Scorpione (The Scorpion King)’ • Cover Illustration for a novel by Valery Esperian  • Client: Gruppo Editoriale Fanucci, Italy • (Art © 2019 Maurizio Manzieri.)


PAPERBACK COVER  – ‘The Arrow Rune • Wraparound Cover Illustration for a novel  by Dean Whitlock  • Client: Boatman Press• (Art © 2019 Maurizio Manzieri.)

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