HELIOPOLIS Art Book Project

Heliopolis_04Welcome to the ambitious art book project for HELIOPOLIS, CAPITAL OF THE GODS. This will be a temporary Base Camp, I’ve not yet decided what’s better for letting you know updates about this adventure. Would it be better to launch a newsletter rather than update this blog? Maybe I could open a Patreon page dedicated to the project? August is a fairly quiet time of the year, things will start moving more consistently in the fall. I started posting a taste of my visions on social media and immediately received many requests and private messages: does this book already exist? What is it about? When it comes out?

It seemed right to write this short message immediately and open a page dedicated to Heliopolis. Between one trip and another, for pleasure or for work, I will spend some time in Heliopolis¬† too and will carry on this story set in a unique and evocative place, one of the most beautiful in the known Universe. I’ll be here, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, happy to share with you this path of creation. A big hug to everyone! Follow me!

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